Friday, May 8, 2009

WIP Warhammer Pistol

So this is my finished for class pistol for the game Warhammer, concept not by me.

After a couple advices and crits from other people, I decided to redo my textures, so this is till a WIP.

Thanks for watching. Any C&C is welcome.

There we go, I think I'm done. But...maybe not haha.

Update...seems like I can't get away from this gun after all.


  1. whoa, is the spec really high on the barrel or did you change make it white? in my opinion, i think the first texture looks good. just transferring the rust over from the new textures to the old one would make it cooler. but that's probably all i would change. oh, and maybe desaturate the yellows a bit more. it looks really bright. but all in all, looks great!

  2. nice! i'm diggin it. now put some lights up in this thing and make it look purdy!